Miras International School, Astana provides a quality education, based on the integration of international and Kazakhstani educational standards, within a challenging and supportive environment that fosters international-mindedness, promotes all aspects of individual growth, and equips students with the skills for lifelong learning.

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Regulations for admitting students to Miras International School

The admission regulations have been developed with the purpose of putting in order the procedure of admitting students to both the Miras Kindergarten and Miras primary and secondary schools. They define the order and terms of enrolling the students. These regulations are subject for mandatory familiarization and fulfillment by all participants of the learning process.

Terms of admission

  • Miras International School independently forms the contingent of students according to the requirements of the Charter and this Regulation.
  • Any student may enter Miras International School regardless of his/her previous place of study and residence on condition that the under mentioned requirements are fulfilled.
  • The age of students entering the Kindergarten/School must correspond to the established requirements of Miras International School.
  • Junior groups of the Kindergarten are formed on the basis of the waiting list at the end of May/ beginning of June.
  • Students are admitted to pre-school, primary, middle, senior groups during the year whenever there are vacancies.
  • Students are admitted to school according to the results of the admission test, the  achieved results at a previous educational institution and  the availability of vacancies.
  • In particular cases, the entrance committee has a right to have an additional interview with the applicant so as to make a final decision regarding enrolment.
  • Students who achieve 60 points, or more, out of 100 (50 out of 70 for overseas students) are subject to enrolment.
  • If the result is lower than the pass mark, on condition that the student gained the maximum high mark in one of the three entrance disciplines and that a high level of cognitive skills was revealed during the course of the psychological testing, the entrance committee has a right to recommend the student to be enrolled giving him/her a probation period with a duration of not more than one semester.
  • The entrance committee has a right to permit the retaking of an admission test if the results of the first test were below 60.
  • The state of the students' health is considered when being enrolled. The following medical symptoms may hinder school enrolment:
    • psychological concerns of the child,
    • diseases connected with abnormalities of the nervous system,
    • various chronic diseases which may cause difficulties in mastering the material and the handling of an increased learning load.
  • It is possible to be prioritized for enrolment in the Kindergarten/School whenever there are vacancies if:
    • The students are from other schools of the Nursultan Nazarbeav Educational Foundation,
    • The children have siblings who are already studying at the school,
    • The children’s parents are the staff of institutions and organizations with which corresponding agreements on education have been completed.
  • Parents/guardians may appeal to the subject committee within the first week of receiving the results. The appeal must be considered within three days by the subject committee.

Enrolment of students to the Kindergarten/School is done only on condition that the parents grant all the documents listed in Application form.

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