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Sports’ Day in the Secondary School

Sports’ Day in the Secondary School 13.10.2017

This year the Secondary school’s Sports Day was scheduled on 13 October and was dedicated to the EXPO Future Energy project which was held in Astana during the summer. EXPO-2017 exhibition that took place under the slogan “Future Energy” highlighted alternative sources of energy — one of the most important themes the whole world is concerned about. Bright and concise logo of the EXPO-2017 embodies the theme of the exhibition: asymmetrically located leaves in a circle symbolize energy and perpetual motion. One of the most famous energies was kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. SPORT is a MOTION. Accelerating an object from a rest position to a certain velocity takes energy, and the object maintains that energy as long as its speed doesn’t change. When the object decelerates, that energy from its motion can be transferred in various ways.

As an IB World School, Miras International School Astana also tries to instill the values of internationalism by providing the school community of students, parents and teachers with practical opportunities for developing the IB learner profile attributes in interacting with different people and communities within and outside the school. “You are the Energy” is an excellent motto, which was fully aligned with the purpose of the Sports Day. It was a chance for everyone to demonstrate their talents and creativity, to feel the atmosphere of true support and collaboration in sports, to celebrate your peers’ success. Our versatile activities that included “pure” team sports like football, streetball, volleyball/pioneerball, table tennis, as well as those designed to be more “holistic”, such as team-building and brain ring, and the fact that all teachers were involved inspire us with an expectation for the success of this whole-school celebration of sports and youth.

As usually 4 House teams challenged themselves in winning the School Winner Cup. The teams were given the following points:

Caspian House — 309 points;

Aral House — 391 points;

Balkhash House — 392 points;

Zaisan House — 426 points.

This year, Zaisan House won the Sports day competition and we wholeheartedly congratulate them with the Victory! It was enjoyable experience during the day full of positive emotions and kinetic energy!