Distance learning

Miras International School, Nur-Sultan is committed to providing quality education and adhering to the School Mission, regardless of changing conditions, formats and types of learning.

In the context of the closure of the school building due to the announcement of the quarantine in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease, the school continues its educational activities through switching to an alternative distance learning form using specially designed remote learning environment.

A special role in implementation of distance learning is attached to cooperation and partnership of all school community members, as distance learning success depends on rigorous preparation and planning of the learning process by school pedagogues, motivation and interest of the students, and significant role of parents in creation of needed conditions and support of children in their learning activity in the alternative conditions of work of the School.  The fulfillment of these conditions will contribute to successful learning of the students and the maintenance of emotional and physical health.

The distance learning at Miras Inrernational School, Nur-Sultan is based on combination of different forms of work online and offline as well using different digital services and resources such as Microsoft Teams, ManageBac, Outlook and  WhatsApp messanger.

Platforms used for the distance learning at the School:
Microsof 365 – https://www.office.com/

A software product, which comprises a set of web-services (Teams inclusive) whereon the distance learning is organized.

ManageBac – https://astana.managebac.com

A platform for managing learning process, which allows parents and students to see homework, results (marks) and learning attendance.