The French Section of the Miras International School

The French Section is a member of the Mission Laïque Française school network. It is open to every francophone student wishing to follow the French curriculum in conformity with the State Ministry of Education and to prepare French national diplomas (brevet, baccalaureate).

There are three French teachers who work for the State Ministry of Education or the Mission Laïque Française network and a francophone teacher. They are in charge of the three levels of the French Section : preschool, elementary and secondary.

La Maternelle (Preschool)

PS Petite Section (small) 3 years old children
MS Moyenne Section (middle) 4 years old children
GS Grande Section (kindergarden) 5 years old children

The Maternelle of the French Section welcomes children aged between three and five years old. It is organized in three streams: small (PS), middle (MS) and kindergarden (GS).

The Maternelle is for children whose parents are French or French speaking, but also for any parents who want their children to learn the French language and follow the French curriculum.

According to the Miras Preschool timetable (from 7h45 to 17h45, from Monday to Friday throughout the school year), the French Maternelle timetable is scheduled as following:

  • From 8h to 13h, the curriculum is in French with a French graduate teacher;
  • From 13h to 18h, education is provided by a Russian-speaking teacher who has knowledge of French (estimated to B2 in the CEFR).

GS students are integrated into the Kindergarden class of Miras School for group time (lunch, quiet time…) and for some introductory courses (English, Russian, music, PE…) depending on possibilities offered by schedules.

According to the family’s wishes, PS and MS students may leave school at 13h, those of GS from 3:20 p.m.

Elementary School

CP Cours Préparatoire (grade 1) 6 years old children
CE1 Cours Élémentaire 1ère année (grade 2) 7 years old children
CE2 Cours Élémentaire 2ème année (grade 3) 8 years old children
CM1 Cours Moyen 1ère année (grade 4) 9 years old children
CM2 Cours Moyen 2ème année (grade 5) 10 years old children

The French Section elementary classes gather students from CP to CM2. All pupils follow direct instruction, delivered by a school teacher approved by the Ministry of Education; this person is also the coordinator of the French Section).

The English, Russian, EPS, music and visual arts lessons are provided by Miras school teachers, who also supervise meal times. French section pupils are then integrated into the Miras school classes corresponding to their age and level.

Secondary School

Pupils from Junior secondary (grade 6 to 9) and secondary school (Grade 10 to 12), study with the CNED (National Center for Distance Education) under the supervision of two French teachers who are in charge of humanities, mathematics and science subjects.

Grade 9 pupils prepare for the national certificate, grade 11 students prepare for the French baccalaureate exams and grade 12 students prepare for the general Baccalaureate.

Depending on the number of students enrolled, direct instruction in mathematics and French is provided by two French teachers in grades 5 or 6.

All students of the French Section also follow Miras International School lessons in English or in the Russian language in the following subjects: English, Russian, PE, arts, ICT, etc…

In junior and secondary school, all students must be enrolled in CNED. At the beginning of the school year, all students have to provide proof of CNED registration and CNED ID.

New students must provide reports from their previous school and permission to be promoted to the next level. All students who do not come from a French certified school will be tested in order to finalize the admission decision.

For more information about the French Section you can contact:

Ms. Johanna Boutard - Coordinator of the French Section:, +7 (702) 387-73-30