Preschool (2-5 years)

Miras Pre-School is proud to be educating the children of the Astana community through the IB PYP curriculum. The Primary Years Programme is designed for students between the ages of 3 and 12 years. This Internationally accepted curriculum is blended with the Kazakh National Standards to offer our students a holistic approach to learning in this 21st century.

The school year is based around different Units of Inquiry at each age level. We at Miras believe the future of our students requires them to be independent inquiring individuals who are able to adapt to collaborative teamwork when necessary. This is all done in classrooms that are becoming more multicultural each year.

Our lessons are delivered in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. In January 2012 we were excited to add the French language to the language of instruction list. While we have these alternate languages for the students to learn, the philosophy of encouraging and developing the mother tongue language is paramount in our thinking.

Because our curriculum is so international, we therefore encourage our students to become internationally-minded citizens. This involves them to be reflective of their world and to do the utmost in understanding the commonality and uniqueness of humanity and to support the sustainability of our planet. The PYP requires us to develop our attitudes and skills that will not only encourage us to be open-mindedand reflective, but also be prepared to become a risk-taker through life.

Our Pre-School students enjoy activities that encourage «learning through play». They participate in a P.E. program that involves Early Year’s Sport’s day and regular morning exercises. We organize a numbers of events and hope to see many parents coming along to each one.

We have a busy caring staff who are locally and internationally trained. We welcome your visits and appreciate you putting your trust in us to educate your child.

Come and see us — you are welcome.