The admission procedure to Miras International School, Astana

Admission of students to the school is carried out in the presence of free places in the appropriate class / group and on the basis of the results of the admission test.

Student Admissions Coordinator is responsible for arranging the student admission procedure (informs the parents about the date of the interview / test, reports the list of necessary documents for admission, informs the parents about the results of the test / interview).

The final decision on the admission of students, according to the Admission Policy, is taken by Head of School.

Kindergarten and Pre-school

To enter the Kindergarten or Pre-school, the psychologist, speech therapist, doctor and Early Years Coordinator conduct an interview with the child.

Upon admission to the Pre-school, a psychologist, speech therapist and a school doctor conduct an interview with the child.

The final decision on admission to the Kindergarten or Pre-school is taken by Head of School.

Grades 1-5

Admission tests:

· for grade 1 - an interview with a psychologist and a speech therapist;

· Mathematics (in one of the languages of instruction in Miras school: Russian or English);

· Russian language (for students whose native language is Russian).

Grades 6-11

Admission tests:

· English language and Mathematics (for the program with English language of instruction);

· Russian and English languages, Mathematics (for the program with Russian language of instruction);

In order to enter the school it's required to get at least 60% for each subject.

Students who scored in total 50-59% on the test can be enrolled for a probationary period.

Admission procedure for the Diploma Program (grades 11-12)

To enter the Diploma Program, students must submit the required documents and successfully pass all the necessary admission tests:

  1. Native language (English, Russian)

· Part 1: analysis of literary work

· Part 2: essay

  1. English as a second language (ESL)

· Part 1: Text reading and comprehension

· Part 2: essay

  1. Mathematics

Admission tests for the Diploma Program are held in Miras schools in Astana and Almaty in the second half of April and in the second half of August.

The school has the right to appoint an additional interview with Secondary School Principal and the Diploma Program coordinator.

For further information, please contact Student Admissions Coordinator Meruert Nurseitova:

+7 (7172) 36 98 67,