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Community and service

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Community and service
by Zhibek Baimagambetova - Tuesday, 5 November 2013, 1:42 PM

If you are a member of Miras community, throughout the year you will be involved in different interesting actions and events. So the 24th of October was devoted to the «Community and Service» day. This day was full of events and we also had an opportunity to spend it with our friends from «Ocean Art» therapy Centre and Kinderdorf.

Impressions of the day were exciting!

«It was a wonderful day! I was involved in debate tournament and it was so interesting to discuss the problems of Elderly people’s House.« — shared her opinion Dariya from Grade 9. «Today I get a lot of positive energy» — concluded Aziza — a student from the same grade level. Actually, the day was really successful!

Girls from «Jump forward» team and PTA members organized the Bake sale for fundraising. Teachers helped to sell these baked masterpieces to all Miras community. So, we raised 45oootg and we plan to send it to a student of our school who is now abroad in the hospital.

Community and service day made us happy with its interesting programme.

Grade 6 students participated in Puppetr Show which will be shown during the year to the children from «Toddler’s House». Students liked this activity and were inspired by Mr. Willem’s visit and his encouraging words: «Very nice!»

Also students who didn’t act during the Puppet Show decorated the cards with English version of the fairy tale.

Grade 7 students participated in Flash Mob and learnt how to inspire others to dance and act! They were given the T-shirts with Community and Service day motto: «A small change is a huge contribution».

In friendly and cozy atmosphere students spent their time together. Under the supervision of Ms. Marina Mylnikova — our Green House lady, students learnt how to plant pot flowers. These pot flowers are planned to be sold during «Winter Charity Bazaar» in Radisson Hotel.

Grade 9 students raised a very important issue: the problem of aged people’s loneliness. It was a very interesting and useful experience for all Grade 9 students!

Grade 10 students played football with Kinderdorf. Of course friendship won! Hurray!

After the day we all were very tired but excited! I think these kinds of events make our life at Miras so special!!!

Botagoz Sadykbekova,9 B


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