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Art events in Miras

Picture of Zhibek Baimagambetova
Art events in Miras
by Zhibek Baimagambetova - Sunday, 5 November 2017, 7:46 PM

The spring of 2014 has brought many special events to Miras. One of the most significant was the IB Diploma Graduates Art Exhibition in the Palace of Independence.

Diploma students have completed a two years course in Visual Arts. The IB examination requires students to display their works. Miras students have done such amazing and high quality paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures that they deserved attention and support from Global Art Fund. The President of the Fund Mrs. Abildina provided graduates with luxurious gallery space at the Palace of Independence. The Opening Night ceremony on March 12 gathered Miras administration, teachers, and other distinguished guests.

“An opportunity to obtain more in-depth understanding of visual arts, I would say, was one of the main reasons that led me to the IB Diploma Programme. Since I was an MYP graduate I had already gained substantial knowledge and skills in the visual arts but as I wanted to progress to a higher level, the Diploma art course was the obvious choice. Throughout the course I have acquainted myself with several masters of fine art each of whom has had a particular influence on my works. However, it was Jackson Pollock and his unique “drip & splash” technique that contributed the most with regard to my artistic vision. His action paintings have expanded my knowledge in Abstract Expressionism and have introduced me to alternative, thought-provoking perspectives which have in essence changed my views on arts in general.”, — wrote Adel Zhanekenin her artist’s statement.

And Tine Bjornojsaid about IB DP: “The Diploma Programme Art course promotes students to research different artists and to develop an acquaintance with distinctive techniques and media. That expanded my sources of influence. As I realized my skills were improving this triggered my enthusiasm to explore additional art. Throughout the course I have worked with several media and techniques; oil paint with spatula and brushes, clay, paper-maché, photography, watercolor and glazing technique.”

The other special event that became significant for Miras is the Spring Art Salon at the Has Sanat art gallery. Arina Simonova, IB DP1 student applied for participation and submitted her artwork among other 47 young artists from Kazakhstan. She, the youngest participant, competed with those who study at the art colleges, universities or graduated already. Her work passed the art jury and was accepted. On April 15th the opening ceremony at the Has Sanat gallery took place. Arina’s work has been published in the catalog. Arina got a certificate of participation and the catalog. Taking into consideration her intention to be a professional artist in future this first step of her artistic journey becomes very special.

We proudly say that IB DP programme offers great opportunities to our students. And the Visual Arts course is that one that provides students with ability to demonstrate their original ideas and skills to public.

 Anna Yaroshenko

Visual Art teacher

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