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Assel 8 A grade student’s poem:

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Assel 8 A grade student’s poem:
by e-Miras school - Wednesday, 15 May 2019, 10:54 AM


Peace is all we wish,

Let's make our wish come true.

Try first by yourself, 

And the whole world will do it too. 

War is not a solution, 

It’s only a cause.

Peace is much better 

Than harsh and bloody wars.

Peace is all that matters, 

Don’t be one who’ll start the war.

Remember all these fightings,

And what heroes fought for.

Let’s fight for peace!

Let’s stand hand in hand!

I know we can do it,

Let’s fight for a happy end!

Be kind and polite,

Spread happiness and love.

For those who are in tears, 

Let's give them a little hope!