Dear parents!

There are adopted several “to follow” rules in our Pre-School. These rules are simple to follow and designed to make your child’s staying at Pre-School comfortable and secure by dint of our cooperative efforts.

We pay big attention for your child’s life and health safety, hence there are several points:

Parents are recommended to explain Pre-School code of conduct to their child in popular form:

It is not recommended to put on gold and silver jewelry, give expensive toys, smartphones. Administration does not take responsibility for gold and silver jewelry and expensive items. In order to create comfortable conditions for your child it is recommended to provide him/her with following:

We earnestly request to follow norms and regulations of ethical conduct towards Pre-School employees, foster-children and their parents (legal guardians); to solve disputes and conflict situations in absence of children and other parents. You can apply to Pre-School Coordinator in order to discuss education process concerns. Concerning tuition, nurturing and development please refer to Pre-School psychologist. We hope for your understanding and cooperation!

Parents Handbook
on birthdays conduction at Pre-School
Order on prohibition of attracting of external companies (also known as entertainers) in Pre-School

We hope for your understanding and thank for cooperation.
Irina Rudenko Ivanovna
Pre-School Coordinator