Peter Drucker, once said that ‘The only skill that will be important in the 21st century is the skill of learning new skills. Everything else will become obsolete over time’

These words are still cherished and believed to be an ongoing global phenomenon in various national and international contexts. 21st-century skills are believed to be multifaceted, and we at Miras school are equipping our students for the skills through our integrated IB programmes.

We believe in practical and project-based classroom teaching techniques for the comprehensive growth of students in every dimension of life. One of the innovative techniques will be STEM education.

Miras school started the STEM educational approach in 2014 to provide various and multidisciplinary opportunities for students to experience first-hand practical experience through a variety of activities and in-school practical projects within STEM. To acknowledge creativity, students expand and upgrade their skills, and exercise the role of young scientists to fulfil the 21st-century skills for further education.

Our approach reflects in the technological, environmental and social importance of STEM in everyday life. In 2018-19, Miras school started a comprehensive STEM approach by promoting project-based learning throughout the whole school starting from pre-school to high school. During the current academic year, Miras school celebrated our first STEM festival where more than 20 schools, together with our students participated and shared their STEM practices and knowledge gained through their experience. Also, Miras school is actively promoting teachers of all subjects to be trained to support STEM education.

Miras school is continuously investing time and resources to enhance further opportunities for students lifelong learning into the future.

Mr. Vinaya Pandey Kumar

STEM Coordinator