XIV Annual International Baccalaureate

The bright beginning of the XIV Annual International Baccalaureate School Association Conference was the speech of Oleg Mikhailovich Babenyshev, the President of the IBSA, Director of English Language School, Perm city, (Perm):
"I congratulate all of us on the opening of the long-awaited XIV conference. I wish you all fruitful work, new meetings, preferably fateful, new relationships, and of course we will succeed, because it is no accident that all this is happening in the 15th anniversary year, I emphasize, the year of the Association of International Baccalaureate Schools. This is the teenage age, we still have to grow and grow, and the best is waiting for us ahead!”

Our school not only hosted more than 130 participants and guests of the online conference, but also took an active part in the exchange of accumulated experience, discussing the prospects for the development of education in the new realities. We were glad to meet with our colleagues-friends and like-minded people. We are grateful to all the participants for the constructive dialogue that took place and look forward to new meetings!