Nursultan Nazarbayev Educational Foundation

Public Foundation ‘Nursultan Nazarbayev Educational Foundation’ was founded in 1998. During its first days of work, the Foundation defined its mission to promote the development of the educational system of Kazakhstan in accordance with international standards. The objective of the Foundation is to apply best national and international practices, and integration and dissemination of international educational programs and norms in the educational (area) sphere of the country. To this end, under the aegis of the Educational Foundation, three international schools have been founded: Miras International Schools in Nur-Sultan and Almaty, and International School in Almaty.

The Foundation’s activities are carried out in following areas:
  • •    Organization of quality educational processesin Pre-Schools of the Foundation based (off) on integration of SCES RK and contemporary international early years modalities.
  • •    Improvement of the educational model (of) inthe International Schools of the Foundation.
  • •    Development of the French School as (the) part of Miras International School, Nur-Sultan.
  • •    Improvement of the educational quality management system in the Schools of the Foundation.
  • •    Improvement of the pedagogues’ professional development system.
  • •    Sharing experience of the Pre-Schools and International Schools of the Foundation within the system of pre-school and secondary education of Kazakhstan, CIS countries.
  • •    Cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Education of Kazakhstan on the recognition of the international accreditation of Foundation’s Schools.
  • •    Development of the model of military-oriented education on the higher stage of secondary school.
  • •    Promotion of the Foundation and the activities of its branches.
  •     Foundation’s charity work.