Medical Service

Medical staff of the School is comprised of a pediatrician, a nutrition manager, a Pre-School nurse and School nurse.

The medical unit consists of a medical room, procedure room (Pre-School and School), massage room (Pre-School and School), isolation ward (Pre-School and Schools) and physiotherapist’s room in Pre-School. Medical rooms are acting on the basis of governmental license. Medical rooms are functioning on the basis of governmental license.

Medical Services is aimed to:

  • Promote health and healthy lifestyle of the students.
  • Cooperate with administration and pedagogical staff in creating conditions and conducing preventative, medical-recreational events to promote and preserve students’ health.

Main strands of the medical service work are the following:

  • Observation of the health condition and physical development of the students’ health.
  • Organization of morning filters for the students and school staff.
  • Provision of first aid in case of need.
  • Execution control over sanitary-and-hygienic requirements.
  • Organizing and conducting necessary preventative and curative measures ((after) pending parents’ written consent).
  • Control of the organization of the daily regime and nutrition of the students.
  • Organizing and carrying out anti-epidemic events.
  • Improve knowledge of sanitary norms among students, pedagogues and parents.
  • Control of a timely undergoing medical examination by all school staff.