Music School

Children Music School(CMS)

Students of Miras International School have an opportunity to get musical education in their own school.

The length of study at the CMS is 5 years. Students are provided the following specialties: piano, dombra, violin, and vocal. Tuition at the CMS proposes the studying of the following compulsory subjects: specialty (on selected class), solfeggio, musical literature, Kazakh musical literature, compulsory piano, and choir. Upon graduation from the CMS, a state-recognized certificate is issued. The Children’s Music School accepts children from 6 years.

For the purpose of differentiation, there are two additional options (directions)  – Music Studio and ‘Early Musical Development’ group. – Music Studio and 'Early Musical Development' group.


Musical Studio

The studio accepts children  4-5 years. There are following classes proposed by the studio: piano, vocal, flute, violin, drums, dombra. Group music classes: dombra ensemble, vocal ensemble. The classes take place twice a week; duration – 40 min.

Early Musical Development

The ‘Early Musical Development’ programme is designed for preschool children aged 4-6 and aimed at developing of the musicality of the child, his/her artistic skills and emotionally figurative area.

During group classes, the children will directly express own emotions, learn to work individually and in-group as well. The children will take participation in musical plays; perform musical and plastic movements, work with microphone, play in jug band, sing favorite songs and so on.

The music teacher will help students to reveal their artistic potential, develop musical skills and teach how to loosen up on the stage.

Number of classes per week: 2 (afternoon);

Group capacity: up to 10 persons;

Duration: 30 min.