Personal, social and physical education 

Personal, social and physical education (PSPE) at the Miras International School, Nur-Sultan is embedded in the school educational programme and aimed at supporting students in their personal growth; in the formation of a socially active personality, adhering to a healthy lifestyle.

The PSPE sees as its mission the formation of in-demand skills in students; a sense of responsibility for their actions and ability to make informed choices in different real-life contexts.   

The programme is based on three key strands  that organize the basis of formation and development of a successful personality in contemporary world conditions:

Self-determination and interactions in society

Realization of own beliefs, valued relations, experiences, feelings and how they shape us; influence of cultural aspects; awareness of strengths and areas for self-development and self-improvement; ability to overcome challenges and difficulties; influence of self-esteem and self-respect on learning and ability to establish effective interactions.

Active life stance and healthy lifestyle

Understanding of factors that promote development and support of a balanced, healthy lifestyle; understanding of importance of sports exercises and their role in human’s health; realization and development of own physical potential; understanding of importance of balanced nutrition; knowledge of basic safety regulations; understanding of own rights and responsibilities, ability to make informed choices and evaluate their consequences, formation of healthy lifestyle and active life stance.

Interaction with the world

Understanding of the principle of human interactions with others and different living beings; behaviour, rights and regulations of people in their interactions with communities, society and surrounding world; realization and understanding of similarities and differences; understanding of environment and humankind’s responsibility as the keepers (guardians) of Earth for coming generations.


The Programme of Personal, Social and Physical Education


Is implemented across all stages of studying from pre-school to higher level of education throughout: 

  • Curricular and extracurricular search-and-cognition children’s activity;
  • The programme of  personal,  social and physical development for each age group;
  • Service as Action, Creativity Action Service;
  • The psycho-pedagogical support programme of the School and Pre-School students’ educational activities;
  • Whole-school holidays, assemblies, sports and intellectual tournaments and competitions, subject Olympiads;
  • The programme of extracurricular activity, Center for Harmonious Development and Children’s Music School inclusive.