The winner of summer programs at Yale University and the New York Times Academy

Serikkali Abdrakhman, a Diploma Programme student of MIRAS International School, has won grants in two summer programs: Yale  Young Global Scholars and a program in media and journalism at the New York Times Academy.

Abdrakhman is an active student at the school, the recipient of a 100% scholarship for education, and the receiver of the ECIS Award for 2023. Determination and a higher motivation for learning are inherent in Abdrakhman. He decided to test his abilities and try his luck in obtaining a grant by applying to participate in summer programs in the USA. And he succeeded!

"The programs strengthened me academically. I had the opportunity to study creative writing with outstanding professors and writers at the New York Times School, and during my classes at Yale University, I developed my knowledge in African studies and the art of public speaking. My time in America was an extremely valuable experience that I will cherish as I prepare to enter the adult world next year," -shared Abdrakhman with us.

We sincerely congratulate him on his achievements and wish him further success in his studies and personal growth. Summing up the experience of our students, we proudly declare that MIRAS School teaches its students to think globally, not be afraid of challenges, and believe in oneselves.

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