Tongue twisters

We express our gratitude to our following students and their parents:

Aman Ginayat

Arthur Orakeyev

Amina Zhamalbek

Amina Muratbay

Yersain Amirbek

Daniyar Kenes

Zara Tussupkhan

Damir Nagaspayev

Kymbat Kaliyeva

Anastasia Melnik


for participation in the online language contest "Tongue Twisters " ( reading tongue twisters) with students of ABC-Azerbaijan British College-Baku, Azerbaijan, which was held on Saturday, April 24.

The event in the form of a game was held by the teacher of Azerbaijan British College, Miss Leyla Aliyeva. Students competed in the skill of rapid pronunciation in English.

At the end of the meeting, the students received certificates of participation, and Amina Muratbay took the 3rd place and impressed all of us and colleagues from Azerbaijan.