Happy birthday, Miras!

Dear Miras community!

It’s our 22nd birthday / anniversary!

On September 2, 1999, Miras International School opened its doors for our first group of students. This truly historic event played a huge role in the development of Kazakhstan's educational system as Miras became the first international school in Kazakhstan. It g received international recognition in 2004 and the status of an international school by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in February 2012. And in September 2011, the French Charles de Gaulle – Miras International School was opened and is is celebrating its 10th anniversary today.

For 22 years, Miras International School has accumulated huge experience, which it has shared with colleagues from our Kazakhjstan and the CIS countries. A special atmosphere of warmth, harmony, professional integrity and constant improvement has been formed. These are years of joy and pride for the achievements of the team of teachers and our students. For 22 years, more than 40 PYP exhibitions and personal projects have been held, 17 awards for intercultural understanding of ECIS have been received and more than 440 students of the school have become prize-winners of various international and national Olympiads, competitions and competitions. 24 graduates received the badge "Altyn Belgi", 10 students received -certificates of a special sample, 65 graduates received grants to study in higher educational institutions of the country and around the world. Over the years, we have developed stable partnerships with schools and higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan and indeed world-wide. The generation of Miras students has changed, and now the children of our graduates are studying in Miras. This demonstrates the highest level of trust in the school and our team. We are proud of the teachers of our school - professionals in their field, wise mentors, they are always in demand in the educational community of the country, especially as specialists with the highest level of competence and expertise many of whom have developed their skills within Miras International School. The school's staff includes managers and members of international accreditation and authorization teams, consultants and examiners of the International Baccalaureate Organization, members of expert groups, authors of various educational programmes.

I wish all our Miras students past and present, new victories, high achievements, prosperity, well-being, joy and good health!


Happy birthday, Miras!


Head of the Miras International School Nur-Sultan

Khamitova Y. M.